Bringing Your Company Mailroom into the Digital Age

We live in an age of instantaneous communication: tweets travel ’round the world at the speed of light; instant messages can be sent on a variety of platforms, and text messages and photos are sent straight to your smart device.

The general public now expects communication to be fast and efficient. It’s not like the old days when clients would wait days, weeks or even months for a response.

In many ways companies have adapted to the fast pace of technological change by hiring social media managers and implementing chat bots on their sites; but there is one area that still lags behind all others in speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. It’s the dinosaur of nearly every organization.

Of course, I am talking about the company mailroom.

Paper mail not going away. In fact, due to compliance issues, certain industries still rely heavily on paper communication, including financial institutions, legal institutions, insurance companies, and government agencies.

But the lag in communication time, not to mention storage and transportation costs, can seriously impact the bottom line for all of these companies.

Adopting a robust mail management tool like SphereMail can help your mailroom flow fast and efficiently, just like the rest of your organization:

Some advantages include:

  • Cutting costs and waste of space
  • Better data retention and organization
  • Speeds up mail management time
  • Gives employees remote access to mail via smart device
  • Streamlines internal communications

Upgrading to a digital platform like SphereMail eliminates the need for physical redistribution of mail to other offices. Quick communication also ensures that non-essential mail items can be shredded to save on storage space. Workers would easily stay connected to what’s happening with their postal mail, even as more and more work places experiment with telecommuting and coworking options, and fewer employees have easy access to go check their physical mailboxes.

Like many other workplace innovations happening right now, digital mail management software has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the coworking industry. As large corporations like Microsoft, Verizon, and Amazon become more involved with the coworking model, I imagine that it’s only a matter of time until they begin to adopt some of the software that coworking spaces are using as well.

Paper mail isn’t dead, and perhaps it will never completely go away. But we can make paper communication more efficient by connecting it to our digital world.

Tom Montgomery

SphereMail Business Development