SphereMail and Satellite Deskworks Announce Integration Partnership

San Francisco, California and Felton, California – April 18, 2018
SphereMail LLC, a leading mailroom management software provider, and Deskworks Inc., today announced the integration of virtual mailbox and virtual office services designed to streamline the process of space management and mail management in shared workspaces through Deskworks.

The direct connection between SphereMail’s Mailroom Software, Virtual Mailbox Solution, SphereCORP Software, and Deskworks’ workspace software, allows companies to quickly optimize and offer multiple services in one platform.

“SphereMail’s third generation approach advocates open and connected systems throughout the enterprise. That extends to integrations with other applications as we and our partners look to streamline the overall process of the product.” said Hasan Mirjan, CEO of SphereMail

The virtual mailbox and mailroom management software industry is growing as more mailroom administrators and end-users now have the ability to manage postal mail online or from a mobile device. Virtual mailbox services benefit companies by providing better product quality, reduced manual processing time and costs, and faster turnaround times to end-users.

Satellite Deskworks is designed, from the ground up, to be easy to integrate with new concepts and programs as they develop. The partnership with SphereMail is a natural fit for the workspace software company.

“The partnership between SphereMail and Satellite Deskworks will make it even easier to run workspaces. It will enable space operators to offer more services and increase revenue. SphereMail is known for their strength in digitizing Postal Mail, and this partnership adds to the ease of running a center using Deskworks.” said Satellite Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger

For business centers and coworking spaces, moving from a manual process to a lean and automated process helps to shorten operations timelines. The integration between SphereMail, and Deskworks allows the easy exchange of information and faster processing times when run in parallel.

About Satellite DeskWorks: Cowork/Business Center Management Software that lets you do what you love by helping you build a profitable and sustainable workspace center.

Streamline Healthcare Solutions Selects SphereMail Solution For Their Day to Day Mail Operation

Streamline Healthcare Solutions delivers web-based software for healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate all service delivery processes. Streamline has been offering software in the health and human services marketplace for over 14 years.” How does a healthcare based software and a mail based software work together? By going for it and seeing how the two can benefit one another.

SphereMail loves working with coworking spaces, shipping stores, and our own entrepreneurs out of our own coworking office too. In our Why Choose a Virtual Office blog, you will get a clear understanding as to why we enjoy helping others succeed in this form. It’s great to ease the hassle of spreadsheets and personally sending emails. Our automated system with constant progressive features is a great organizational tool for those receiving and managing mail.

With a smaller company, it is a bit easier to do without a mail management software. However, the larger your company grows, the more of a burden it becomes to have to manually go through mail. Manually organizing mail can be demanding, a waste of space, and a waste of time. All of which you cannot be risking when you have a large business to run. Keeping organized with mail also protects the security of recipients and provides more productivity. Especially in the case of a business with multiple offices, it is extremely helpful to have an online platform to view mail.

About Streamline Healthcare: Streamline Healthcare Solutions combines inpatient, outpatient, residential, community-based, primary care, E-Prescribing, and provider/payer management all into one platform. Their Electronic Health Record is fully browser-based, meaning no applets, plug-ins, or middleware. Other features include full billing system for Medicaid, Medicare, grants, capitated and commercial plans. Dashboards and alert systems are present in the system too for internal communication. Just a few of these features mentioned shows how their well thought out technology makes a great difference in their customer’s businesses, while improving the quality of care.

By Dani Carrillo