GWA 2017 Countdown

With GWA around the corner and the excitement building, let’s take a closer look at last year’s GWA. There was so much positivity surrounding this conference. All the blogs and conversations continuing are proof of that. Fun with new friends leads to strong connections and numerous networking opportunities. Last year everyone enjoyed themselves in Las Vegas, and this year we can’t wait to head to Miami!

In Office Suite Strategiesblog on GWA 2016, they speak on how coworking began to refer to any type of shared workspace. It became more about the culture in the environment than the layout. They provide examples of how this is seen in WeWork and Industrious, by having a hybrid business model. Open space is offered along with private space and meeting rooms. The fact that this topic was brought up at GWA is no surprise, considering Scott Chambers is part of the GWA team. It’s no surprise because he is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Pacific Workplaces. In our blog on Pacific Workplaces Expansion, you will get some insight as to how Pacific Workplaces rebranded themselves to include all aspects of shared workspaces.

Cloud VO too wrote a blog on GWA regarding the integration of all types of shared workspaces. In it they discuss Kane Willmott’s presentation at the conference, where he explains today’s Google definition of coworking: “the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.” Coworking used to mean “open plan,” but that has certainly changed. The presentation created a communal and all inclusive feel for all in attendance.

In “GWA: What not to leave in Vegas” from Essensys, they point out some interesting takeaways. Just like Office Suite Strategies and Cloud VO, they speak on how coworking is growing and is no longer restricted in what it pertains to. They share why GWA 2016’s motto was perfect, “We’re Better Together.” The conference itself exemplifies that by showing how essential networking is. By walking around or listening in on a speaker, it is apparent that everyone is sharing their pathway to success and are enthusiastic about helping each other get to where they want to be. Essensys points out that coworking operators can learn a lot from Vegas, from the luxury service to the memorable experiences. In their blog, “GWA 2016: Workspaces Can Learn a Lot From Vegas,” Essensys lists how Vegas does a great job at keeping guests engaged and coming back. Vegas needs to be technologically advanced, and so do coworking spaces. It is important for the optimization of a space and of course offering a great experience on the user’s end. Customer service is always key, too. Another impactful point from Essensys: Hotels create revenue through activities such as bars, casinos, shows, etc. They have various activities to keep people out of their rooms. Coworking spaces should have activities to keep people out of their, in this case, desks with events, speakers, and communal spaces. Essensys is undoubtedly a supporter of GWA, and we look forward to catching up with them too!

SphereMail also loves GWA. Our team that attended last year can attest to majority of what has been said already. There was a broad spectrum of people in attendance; from those just starting out to long established spaces, from trendy coworking open spaces to executive suites. It’s great to allow people to get to know SphereMail on a personal level and we look forward to doing so again this year. It’s also a blast developing relationships with fellow vendors. GWA has the word “global” as part of their acronym for a reason. It’s awesome speaking with people from around the globe. It gives you a great overview of the industry in terms of new innovations, experiments, trends, and seeing how coworking is attracting people from all industries. The excitement of everyone all together in one venue is also very encouraging. GWA has a great way of making people feel like they’re a part of the movement. They have interactive activities such as the dance instructor from last year, and allowing each and every sponsor a “one minute pitch.” We’re excited to meet more people and catch up with friends from previous years. And by SphereMail being a customer of its own product, we are always improving. We’re especially excited to arrive with all of our developments and newest features. Don’t miss out on this amazing conference! Newcomers, come say hi to the people in purple, and old friends, we have lots to catch up on. See you in September!

By Dani Carrillo