Why the USPS is Still Around, Despite Technology

What do you think of when you think of a trip to the US Post Office? It’s almost like a trip to the DMV. Almost. I think the DMV still wins in terms of one of the least favorite places to visit. Anyway, one reason for this mundane business with lack of great customer service is partly on its disinterest to make many changes, if any. Instead, prices are being raised, which is a bit humorous because most businesses would decrease prices to win customers back. Not in their case.. After all, the USPS has been around since 1775!

Even with technology and email in particular, using the USPS still is a necessity at times. They’ve undoubtedly lost money over the years, although paper mail has decreased significantly. However, it has not vanished entirely. There have been talks for years about cutting Saturday service, but only letters were canceled out for Saturdays. Packages are still delivered six days a week. Large companies still use mail for marketing, which many may refer to as “junk mail.” Postcards, holiday cards, and birthday cards are still relevant for sentimental reasons too. Checks are still sent in the mail, letters, and notices from your bank and the government.

Clearly, paper mail is not going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, we enjoy complaining about the service they provide, but perhaps we should cut them some slack. Imagine coordinating deliveries to every existing address. One great solution to this: virtual offices! We’ve take a spin on snail mail. You don’t want that piece of junk mail? Request to shred it. You want that check deposited? No worries, we can send it to your bank. That package you do need, however? Request to pick it up or we can forward it to your personal address.

SphereMail has been around since 2011 and have seen many virtual offices come and go. Perhaps SphereMail among other virtual office providers are saving paper mail. According to Forbes, Outbox, a former virtual office provider, wanted to partner with the USPS in February 2013, but they declined. They are no longer around. But since then, there are various virtual office providers that help digitize and keep paper mail alive!

By Dani Carrillo